Evidence for the Impossible:
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The invulnerable prophet and his visionary message
The man was a mystery. He did not bleed. He felt no pain at all - although he had his body pierced with weapons of all kinds. Right through all organs. Over and over again. A total of over 500 times! Whether he was doused with boiling water or pierced through the chest with a sword: Nothing seemed to seriously hurt him!Mirin Dajo baffled the medical community in 1947/1948. Like a second Messiah, the Dutchman preached world peace and healed the terminally ill. Even infections could not harm the man - although he never had his blades disinfected. "No trick!", as renowned professors of the university clinics of Basel and Zurich in Switzerland had to admit stunned despite critical investigations.After years of research, Luc Bürgin is now once again unveiling the enigmatic life story of Mirin Dajo - with explosive news. In greater detail than ever before, the well-known Swiss bestselling journalist documents in his completely revised and expanded factual report the wonders and work of a fascinating prophet of peace who knew more about our future than we suspect today."Forget everything that is being fabricated about Mirin Dajo on the worldwide web. And make up your own mind!" appeals Luc Bürgin. Previously unpublished photos and contemporary testimonies that were thought to have been lost bring a dazzling figure of light to new life - a gifted visionary who appeared to many like a "second Messiah" in view of his miracle healings and his revolutionary message of peace."Mirin Dajo knew that his message would one day reach humanity. Now Luc Bürgin's new book is published: a masterpiece of research. We may even say: the fulfillment of Dajo's prophecy!" (Armin Risi, 2022)THE LAST SECRET
The invulnerable prophet, his miracles and his message of peace
(272 pages, over 100 illustrations)
Kopp Publishing House, Rottenburg (Germany) 2022
ISBN: 978-3864458835

Now online: The Updated Original Video (Remastered), 2022 (by Luc Bürgin)

1947: Latest, qualitatively improved video of the historical filming in Basel, Zurich and Bern. (Copyright 2022:

Mirin Dajo in the Bürgerspital of Basel (in Switzerland). (Autumn 1947)

The Prophet of Peace, as appreciated by his friends and acquaintances. (1947)

The "miracle man" and his companions arriving in Basel, Switzerland. (1947)

"Already the belief in the impossible can work true miracles!"

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